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Academic Advising

Academic advisors in the Broad College are coordinators of your undergraduate experience. They provide critical information about academic programs and degree requirements, study abroad and leadership development, major choices and career options, policies and procedures, and campus resources. Advisors facilitate freshman seminars, advise student organizations, administer the College/Major admission process, coordinate special programs and events, serve as a reference if they know you well, certify your graduation, and work with university administrators on your behalf. We look forward to serving you and getting to know you during your college career!

Academic Advising Options

NOTE: The following options are for students currently pursuing or interested in pursuing a Broad major (Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management). Hospitality Business students should use the Hospitality Business advising services.

10 Minute Same-Day Advising (Monday-Thursday, 12:30-3:30pm): Advising for quick questions. Students can sign up in 402a Eppley Center for a same-day 10 minute time slot; time slots are limited. Sign-up begins at 9:00am for that day’s times. The following cannot be addressed in same-day advising: graduation planning/confirmation, international student forms, probation conferences, override requests.

30 Minute Advising Appointment (Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm): Individual appointments for students to ask questions, plan schedules, discuss academic concerns, and make sure they are on track for graduation. To make the most of your advising appointment, please prepare for your academic advising appointment. Students must make appointments online in advance and are required to cancel in advance through the scheduling system if they cannot attend a scheduled appointment. Hospitality Business students should make an appointment to see a Hospitality Business advisor. Please check in for your 30-minute scheduled appointment in 417 Eppley Center.

Prepare for Your Academic Advising Appointment

Advisor E-mail Students can e-mail for answers to simple questions that apply to all students; response time is three business days.

International Student Forms

All Dual Enrollment, Reduced Course Load, Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Optional Practical Training (OPT) and I-20 extension paperwork or forms must be processed by designated advisors, listed below, from the Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS) Office in the Eli Broad College of Business.

Reserved Appointments for International Paperwork Processing
Go to to schedule a reserved international forms appointment. These appointments are only for international form processing.

If the reserved times are full, you can also schedule an appointment to gain assistance with your paperwork at with one of the following advisors:

Dwight Handspike
Andrea Pozniak
Melanie Wallace
Mariana Wong

Prior to your appointment, please make sure that you complete the student sections associated with the paperwork that you need to have reviewed. You should also make sure to bring any additional documentation that would support the paperwork that you need completed.

Schedule an Advising Appointment

How to Use the Appointment System
After selecting the advisor you wish to schedule with from the drop-down menu, search for the “add” under the dates listed. If the “add” is not visible, there are no appointments available with the selected advisor for that day.

Who Is My Academic Advisor?
Students are not assigned a specific advisor. You can see any academic advisor listed below–the advisors work with students in all Broad majors and minors, except Hospitality Business.

Dwight Handspike
Sherri Henry
Cameron Joplin
Marcell King
Erica V. Peyton
Andrea Pozniak
Amy Radford-Popp (Residential Business Program)
Melanie Wallace
Mariana P. Wong

Eli Broad College of Business

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