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Business Core Curriculum

Degree Requirements

These requirements apply to all majors within the Broad College except hospitality business

University Requirements
University requirements include a writing requirement and an “integrative studies” requirement with courses in general science, arts and humanities, and social science.

WRA 110-150 (Writing, Rhetoric, & American Cultures): 4 credits

Integrative Studies
ISB 200 level (Biological Science): 3 credits
ISP 200 level (Physical Science): 3 credits
ISB or ISP L (Lab Course): 2 credits*
*Choose one

IAH 201-210 (Arts & Humanities): 4 credits**
IAH 211-241 (Arts & Humanities): 4 credits**
ISS 200 level (Social Science): 4 credits**
ISS 300 level (Social Science): 4 credits**
**Students must include at least one National (N) course and one International/Multicultural (I) course in their Integrative Studies programs. A (D) course may meet either an (N) or an (I) requirement, but not both. See course descriptions for details.

Business Core Requirements
Core business courses are designed to facilitate a broad understanding of business, including functional field courses in accounting, finance, marketing, and management, supported by coursework in economics, business law, math, and statistics.

EC 201 (Microeconomics): 3 credits*
EC 202 (Macroeconomics): 3 credits*
ACC 201 (Financial Accounting): 3 credits*
ACC 202 (Management Accounting): 3 credits*
CSE 101 DB/SS (Computing Concepts and Competencies): 3 credits*
*Refer to Admission Criteria for information on how these courses are used to determine admission to the Broad College.

MTH 103 (College Algebra): 3 credits
MTH 124 (Survey of Calculus): 3 credits
STT 315 (Introduction to Probability & Statistics for Business): 3 credits

International Requirement: 3 credits–choose one of the following courses
EC 340 (Survey of International Economics)
MKT 310 (International & Comparative Dimensions of Business)**
International Business course approved by an Undergraduate Academic Services academic adviser

GBL 295 (Business Law, Public Policy and Ethics): 3 credits**
(GBL 395 or GBL 451 – 3 credits (GBL 451–accounting majors only) taken prior to fall 2014 fulfills this requirement)

MGT 315 (Managing Human Resources & Organizational Behavior): 3 credits**
MKT 317 (Quantitative Business Research Methods): 3 credits**
FI 311 (Financial Management): 3 credits**
ITM 309 (Business Information Systems & Technology): 3 credits**
MKT 300 (Managerial Marketing): 3 credits**
SCM 303 (Introduction to Supply Chain Management): 3 credits**
MGT 409 (Business Policy and Strategic Management): 3 credits**
**Courses restricted to Broad College juniors or seniors and other approved majors.

Major Field Requirements
Specialized courses in six different major fields of concentration provide in-depth study of your chosen concentration.

Accounting (ACC)
Finance (FI)
General Management (GM)
Human Resource Management (HRM)
Marketing (MKT)
Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Elective Credit Outside of the Broad College
Elective courses enable you to explore subjects outside of the business school. Many students choose to pursue a foreign language.  At least nine credits of general elective courses must be complete outside the Broad College, Department of Mathematics, and Department of Statistics and Probability.  The range for the total number of elective credits needed for graduation will vary based upon the student’s major. View our list of electives popular with Broad students, or visit Schedule of Courses for other options available in the current semester.

Credits Required for Graduation
Students will need to complete a minimum of 120 credits or 123 credits (if credit for MTH 1825 was earned at MSU) to be eligible for graduation.

Students are allowed a maximum of three credits (only two distinct one-credit enrollments for accounting majors) of internship or other work experience to count toward the required electives for graduation.

Students are allowed a maximum of six credits in English as a Second Language (ESL) 220, 221, 222, or 223 to count toward the required electives for graduation.


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