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Accounting (ACC)

Accounting prepares students for careers in public accounting, managerial accounting, and governmental accounting. The public accountant is involved in auditing, in planning, and in providing specialized advice on business problems. The managerial accountant is responsible for generating the information needed to plan and control a company’s operations. Local, state, and federal government agencies offer opportunities in governmental accounting.

Finance (FI)

The discipline of finance comprises corporate financial management, management of financial institutions, and investments. An understanding of financial concepts, financial instruments and financial management decision–making are vital to each. Employment opportunities exist in industrial and brokerage firms, public utilities, banks, insurance companies, credits unions, and agencies of government.

General Management (GM)

Students in this field of concentration are introduced to a wide range of business fields. Students select courses from accounting, finance, management, marketing, economics, and law. The program prepares students for the numerous, diverse entry-level opportunities in the business world.

Hospitality Business (HB)

The leader in hospitality business education, The School is an independent school within the Broad College of Business. Students earn a highly versatile hospitality business bachelor of arts degree with a rigorous and relevant curriculum. The curriculum draws from three areas of study: General Education, Business and Hospitality.

Human Resource Management (HRM)

This field of concentration focuses on personnel management in organizations, on the role and development of the manager as a leader and on the specific functions and mission of the personnel/human resources department. Entry-level positions are obtained in private and public enterprise and wherever the personnel function is departmentalized.

Marketing (MKT)

Study in this field stresses understanding of marketing concepts and tools, application of the concepts and tools to achieve objectives using analysis, planning, implementation, and control techniques, and integration of marketing with other business functions and societal processes. Career opportunities are available in marketing management, market research, industrial sales, retail and sales management and other areas.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management integrates topics from manufacturing operations, purchasing, transportation, and physical distribution into a unified program. The program offers integration among these critical, value-adding components to enhance global competitiveness. The objectives are to provide students with a comprehensive background in each area and also to allow students to pursue concentrations within their areas of interest.


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