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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management integrates topics from manufacturing operations, purchasing, transportation, and physical distribution into a unified program. The program offers integration among these critical, value-adding components to enhance global competitiveness. The objectives are to provide students with a comprehensive background in each area and also to allow students to pursue concentrations within their areas of interest.

2. Major Field Requirements: 2.0 Minimum GPA Required

  • All of the following
    • SCM 371: Procurement and Supply Chain Management: 3 credits
    • SCM 372: Manufacturing Planning and Control: 3 credits
    • SCM 373: Logistics and Transportation Management: 3 credits
    • SCM 470: Supply Chain Application and Policy (Tier II): 2 credits
  • Two of the following major selections. Due to enrollment demand and assisting students with graduating in four years, students can choose only two of the major selections listed below. Students will be dis-enrolled from additional selections.
    • SCM 474: Negotiations: 2 credits
    • SCM 475: Supply Chain Decision Modeling: 2 credits
    • SCM 476: Transportation Management: 2 credits
    • SCM 479: Advanced Topics in Supply Chain Management: 2 credits

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