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Specializations and Minors

The following specializations and minors can be combined with majors in Accounting, Finance, General Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, or Supply Chain Management.

Entrepreneurship Specialization

Gain a broad knowledge of entrepreneurial business issues built upon entrepreneurially-focused research in the core business disciplines, including accounting, business law, finance, management, and marketing.

Environmental and Sustainability Studies Minor

Gain skills and knowledge in the environmental sciences necessary for any graduate considering careers that may involve the “greening” of the economy.

Hospitality Business Real Estate Investment Management Specialization

Prepare for a career in hospitality real estate development firms, acquisition and development departments within major hospitality companies, hospitality consulting/appraisal firms, and mortgage lenders specializing in hotels, real estate acquisition funds, and asset management companies.

Information Technology (IT) Minor

Develops analytical thought leaders with innovative technology solution skills in real-world business settings. Prepares students for careers in systems consulting, business analysis and tech support.

International Business (IB) Minor

Attractive to students who plan careers with an international orientation. Add an international breadth to their major. Increase their understanding of various regions of the world and prepare for a global marketplace.

Sales Communication Specialization

Provides students with educational experiences, courses, and training they need to become successful sales agents and leaders in a sales-intensive corporate setting.

More Minors and Specializations

Broad students may enroll in any academic minor or specialization at MSU for which they meet the requirements. For information on additional minors and specializations, please consult Academic Programs.

Eli Broad College of Business

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