Study Abroad

Broad Academic Semester Study Abroad Policy PDF

Studying abroad is quickly becoming an expected and integral part of the undergraduate experience at Michigan State University. Over 30% of current MSU students study abroad each year, and the program continues to grow. Business is global and one of the best ways to see that is by spending time in another country gaining a true global perspective on how business is done.  Broad students make up the largest percentage of students at MSU studying abroad each year.  Last year, 17.9% of the 2,577 students that went abroad were Broad students.

MSU is a national leader in study abroad, offering more than 294 programs, on all continents and in over 60 countries. Programs are offered every session, including winter break, and range from two weeks to an academic year. In many instances, costs do not exceed a semester’s study on campus.

Studying abroad offers students’ opportunities to live, learn, experience, and even conduct research. In addition, 20 MSU study abroad programs offer a community engagement component in which students have the opportunity to contribute in a meaningful way to the people and places they visit.

In addition to Broad-sponsored study abroad programs, Broad students are eligible to participate in programs administered through other academic units. Business study abroad programs are coordinated through Broad Undergraduate Academic Services.

You can learn more about study abroad opportunities and how they can enhance your Broad degree by visiting a Broad academic advisor and the Office of Study Abroad.