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A hybrid model is employed in the decision process.

The purposes of including non-academic factors in the upper college junior-level admission decision process are to enhance the student’s educational experience through the process, to recognize attributes employers and industries value in the process, to acknowledge qualities that are valued by and consistent with the mission of the Broad College, and to include appropriate factors considered as indicators of success by the admissions review committee.

The rationale for including non-academic factors in a hybrid model is to utilize a more inclusive developmental approach in the admission decision process.

Junior Admission Process

The “Junior Admission” process will continue to run Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 for current Broad College students who will reach 56 credits and have all precore courses completed  (students must be officially listed as one of the following Broad College majors – Accounting, Finance, General Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, or Supply Chain Management). This process does not apply to Hospitality Business majors. 

Junior-Level Admissions Criteria (Old)


Sophomore Admission Process

This process applies to all students new to MSU beginning Fall 2015 and all current MSU students interested in applying to the Broad College who are currently listed as non-Broad College majors and major preferences. This process does not apply to Hospitality Business majors. 

Sophomore Admissions Criteria(New)

Some students who began MSU courses before Fall 2015 will be subject to the new process, depending on his/her cumulative credit level and precore completion timeline. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a Broad College Undergraduate Academic Services academic advisor to determine the best admissions process to follow.




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