Broad Opportunities

Enrichment Opportunities

Residential Business Program (RBP)

The Residential Business Program (RBP) is a residential option for academic distinction for select incoming students in business.

Broad Scholar Program (BSP)

The Broad Scholar Program (BSP) is an undergraduate student mentor program initiated in the fall of 1995 to provide more opportunities for first year business students to work closely with faculty members in The Eli Broad College of Business.

Broad Student Senate

The bridge between students and the Broad College, the Broad Student Senate hosts various events for the college, including the Fall Welcome program, raises money for charity and provides members with leadership development opportunities. Membership in the 40-person organization is determined by a competitive application process each fall.


Broad College undergraduate business majors can apply for scholarship consideration of almost $250,000 with just one application. The application includes (1) Employment Experience,  (2) Extra-curricular Activities, and (3) an open-ended 300 word preferred Essay. Scholarships are awarded for one academic year (Fall/Spring) only and are divided evenly between the two semesters.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is quickly becoming an expected and integral part of the undergraduate experience at Michigan State University. Study abroad programs offer students opportunities to live, learn, experience, earn academic credit, and even conduct research. Programs range in length from one week to an entire semester or academic year.

Financial Markets Institute (FMI)

The Financial Markets Institute (FMI) provides comprehensive training to a select group of highly motivated finance and accounting students at Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business. After joining the institute, student scholars pursue a challenging academic program aligned with their professional interests. Additionally, scholars are offered unique opportunities that include co-managing a multi-million dollar investment fund and visiting financial services firms across the U.S.

Student Organizations

Involvement in a student organization, and the leadership experience students can gain from that involvement, is an important part of the over-all college experience. When students are considered for internships, post-college employment, or even the Broad junior admissions process, evidence of leadership experience sets students apart from other applicants.


Academic Resources

Academic Advising

The coordinators of your undergraduate experience, Undergraduate Academic Services (UAS) academic advisors assist students in the following majors: Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management. Visit UAS for a 30 minute advising appointment or come to our walk-in hours with quick questions.

Multicultural Business Program (MBP)

The purpose of the Multicultural Business Program (MBP) is to improve the recruitment, retention, and graduation rate of multicultural students by providing opportunities for them to develop full academic and career potentials.

Lear Center

The Lear Corporation Career Services Center is dedicated to providing undergraduate students (all majors on campus) with highly individualized, progressive career planning and development strategies, while connecting them with employers and alumni for career opportunities in business.

Gast Business Library

Located in the basement of the MSU College of Law, right across the street from the Broad College, the Gast Library provides print and electronic material with a business focus. Library staff are happy to assist students in their research, whether students are completing academic work or researching companies in preparation for a job interview.