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Study in this field stresses understanding of marketing concepts and tools, application of the concepts and tools to achieve objectives using analysis, planning, implementation, and control techniques, and integration of marketing with other business functions and societal processes. Career opportunities are available in marketing management, market research, industrial sales, retail and sales management, and other areas.

1. Business Core Curriculum & Degree Requirements

2. Major Field Requirements: 2.0 Minimum GPA Required

  • All of the following
    • MKT 302: Consumer and Organizational Buyer Behavior: 3 credits
    • MKT 319: Marketing Research: 3 credits
    • MKT 460: Marketing Strategy (Tier II): 3 credits
  • Two of the following major selections
    • MKT 313: Personal Selling and Buying Processes
    • MKT 351: Retail Management: 3 credits
    • MKT 383: Sales Management: 3 credits
    • MKT 410: Product Innovation and Management: 3 credits
    • MKT 412: Marketing Technology and Analytics: 3 credits (beginning Spring 2017)
    • MKT 415: International Marketing Management: 3 credits
    • MKT 420: New Product Design and Development: 3 credits
    • MKT 430: Key Account and Customer Relationship Management: 3 credits (beginning Spring 2017)
    • MKT 490: Independent Study: 3 credits
    • MKT 491: Special Topics in Marketing: 3 credits


Eli Broad College of Business

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