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Transfer Admission Information

This information is for students at other institutions who wish to transfer to MSU to earn a degree from the Broad College. This information only does not apply to current MSU students applying to the Broad College or a Broad Major through the current student admission process.

Transfer Application Process

Students wishing to apply for transfer student admission to MSU as a Broad major must complete the university application process through the MSU Office of Admissions. There is no separate Broad application for transfer students. All application and admission communication will come from the Office of Admissions.

Specific Requirements for Transfer Students Applying to MSU as a Broad Major

Applicable to students interested in the following degree-granting majors: Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management. Hospitality Business has separate requirements.

Students may be admitted to one of the following majors: Business Admitted (admitted to the Broad College) or Business Preference. Students cannot be directly admitted to a degree-granting major through the transfer admission process.

Business Admitted Requirements

  • 28 or more cumulative transferable credits
  • Completion of College Precore Courses: CSE 101, MTH 103/124/higher, WRA 101/110-195H with 3.5 GPA across the courses, with no individual grade below a 3.0 in these three courses
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 across all institutions

Business Admitted students will apply to a degree-granting major after matriculating to MSU.

Business Preference Requirements

Students with fewer than 56 credits who are not eligible for Business Admitted will be considered for admission as Business Preference. Preference will be given to students who have completed the College Precore Courses (see above) and have a 3.0 minimum cumulative GPA across all institutions.

Students between 42 and 55 credits are strongly recommended to be making progress toward completion of the following courses (this allows students to progress toward a degree in a timely manner once at MSU):

  • CSE 101
  • MTH 124 or higher
  • WRA 101/110 –195H
  • ACC 201
  • ACC 202
  • EC 201
  • EC 202
  • BUS 250

Business Preference students will apply to the Broad College, and then a degree-granting major after matriculating to MSU.

Per MSU policy, students with 56 or more transferable credits who do not meet the requirements for Business Admitted cannot be admitted to MSU as Business Preference.

Determining Transferability of Courses

Transferability of courses from students’ current or previous institution(s) can be researched on the Transfer MSU database (please read all notes for each course carefully, including posted equivalency end dates). Note that an official evaluation of your transfer credits will be completed when you are admitted to MSU, and is done by the Office of Admissions, not the Broad College. Official transcripts are required for an official evaluation of transfer credit. See transcript submission instructions on the Office of Admissions website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I meet with someone in the Broad College to talk about my application process?

As the application process is administered by the MSU Office of Admissions, we recommend that you participate in a Prospective Transfer Student Program (register in advance). Presentations include information about the admissions process, transferring credit, academic programs, student life, university housing, and career services and placement. There is also time for questions. Immediately following the program is a student-led, 60-minute walking tour of campus.

For a closer look at the Broad College, register for a Broad Tour. These tours include a presentation addressing Broad majors, the current student College and Major admission process, academic curriculum, student life, study abroad, and services available to Broad students.

Individual advising appointments are reserved for currently enrolled MSU students. If you have specific questions that are not answered by reviewing our website, please contact

Can I be admitted directly to the Broad College and/or a specific Broad Major?

All transfer student applicants who choose a Broad major on the MSU admission application will be considered for admission to MSU as “Business Preference.” Students with strong grades in specific coursework and a strong cumulative GPA from their current and previous institution(s) may be considered for admission directly to the Broad College, as “Business Admitted.” See the specific requirements for transfer students applying to MSU as a Broad major (above).

No new student will be admitted directly to the following majors: Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management. Once students matriculate to MSU, they are subject to the current student Broad College/Major admission process.

Progression: Business Preference => Business Admitted => Degree-Granting Major

How does my writing/math/biology/etc course transfer to MSU?

See Transfer MSU for current course equivalency information.

My school doesn’t offer one of the required courses; how can I fulfill the course requirements?

You may seek to take the course at another institution. See Transfer MSU for currently evaluated course equivalencies.

I don’t have all the required courses completed; can I still select Broad on the MSU application?

Yes! If your goal is to earn a degree in a Broad major, please choose that major on your MSU admission application. A final decision about admission to MSU as a Broad student will be determined based on multiple factors, including space in the Broad College, course completion prior to application, and GPA. If Broad is your first choice, apply as such.

What courses should I take next semester at my current institution?

Future schedule planning should be done with an academic advisor at your current institution, in consultation with an MSU admissions counselor (if you plan to take courses that are required for admission to MSU). To check transferability of coursework, see Transfer MSU.

Once I’m admitted, how can I meet with an academic advisor and plan my classes?

All new MSU students are required to attend the Academic Orientation Program (AOP). During AOP, you will have the opportunity to learn more about resources offered through MSU and the Broad College; we also will walk you through curriculum requirements, admissions criteria and you will meet one-on-one with a Broad Academic Advisor to discuss the appropriate courses for your first year at MSU. Course scheduling occurs at AOP, and cannot be done in advance. You can research Broad College curriculum prior to AOP.

Printable Transfer Guide

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