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BUS 491 Section 730

BUS 491 Section 730: Business Internship

Supplemental and reflective methods to assist students in developing meaningful professional and career goals while participating in a business internship experience.


Course Information

  • Internship must be related to student’s academic and/or career goals
  • Students must be in the following majors to enroll in BUS 491 section 730, Business Admit, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Supply Chain Management
  • Requires approval before student is enrolled
  • 3.0 minimum GPA
  • 3 credits, fully online via D2L
  • Students are required to work in their internship a minimum of 135 hours during the duration of the semester (or a minimum of 9 hours per week).
    • Internship hours must be completed during the dates of the academic semester. Work hours acquired before or after the semester will not be counted towards the total 135 hours.
    • For students receiving financial aid or international students needing to maintain full-time student status, there is an option to be approved to be coded as full-time enrolled if a student is working a minimum of 36 hours per week in internship workplace.

For more information please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to Apply

Note: you MUST have an internship already to apply for credit.

Complete the following forms and submit to 

  1. Form one: Student and Supervisor Internship Agreement Form
  2. Form two: Student Agreement Form
  3. Form three: scanned copy of the offer letter from employer (including job description/duties)
  4. *International Students ONLY*: Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Once all forms are received, you will hear back within a few days. If approved, we will enroll you in the appropriate section of BUS 491, you do NOT enroll yourself in the course. 


Fall 2018 Semester – August 24

Spring 2019 Semester – December 28th

Summer 2019 Semester – May 15th


For more information, contact:

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